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Monday, November 10, 2014

Little Shrew and Donkey

One day in the woods, Little Shrew came upon the most magnificent thing. A donkey with stripes, just like him. The two became instant friends and never parted. They moved in together and were very happy. One day Little Shrew was out seeking acorns for a stew he was making of ground leaves and fennel when he slipped into a hole. He screamed his little shrew lungs out but no one could hear him. But Donkey knew something was wrong because Little Shrew was very punctual and when he said he would return by three, Donkey knew it would be precisely three, not three-o-one.

It was already getting dark, being late autumn but fortunately Donkey was striped so he lit up the path. He heard muffled sounds from below his feet and when he looked downward into a hole where the sounds were echoing from, he could see stripes. Thankfully, a kind rat who lived in the hole was returning for the night and helped Shrew out by carrying him on his back.

"You must not go out on your own, Little Shrew, ever again."

"I will get a whistle, " said Little Shrew.

The pair came home to their favorite, upholstered by Donkey. They love polk-a-dots against their striped bodies.

You can bring Little Shrew and Donkey to live with you-provided you have a wooded area with acorns or nut trees. The two must never be separated, or they will die.