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Saturday, November 08, 2014

White Dog and White Dog...the story continues

I think it is fair to say we are all enamoured with The White Dog. There are many who believe in his magic and I am one of them. If I sounded hesitant on my Facebook posts at times, it is only because if I admit it is magic, then magic could take him away. Perhaps he is going to be magic all over the county. One can't control magic, that is why it is...magic.

Marcella now has been given opportunities to run with him and she adores him. Sometimes she looks at him like he really is The Great White Hope...or better yet, someone to be a dog with. Maremmas are very unique and rare. They are like no other breed I've known. He looks very wolf like when he walks.

I have allowed the two Whites to interact for short periods and this morning he came into main barnyard. I think since Marcella's heat was in October I am safe, but it is a risk. But I'm with them and no hanky panky is going on. The White Dog has met all the animals including piglets and pigs. What was just so funny was he was not sure about Rosie, but was fine with all the others. Once again, Rosie has lived up to her grumpy stature in the welcoming committee!

I'm enjoying watching an older, mature Maremma. And how he reacts to the surroundings and other animals is so interesting. He is a perimeter walker it appears. Whereas Marcella tends to guard one spot-but that could change. And while I tried to keep myself silent, I have begun calling him Benedetto. As I said it yesterday's post, it literally came to me–visually–in my head the other day and I felt it was a gift. It means "blessing" in Italian.

I have an appointment to get Marcella spayed in a week and a half. And I will neuter White Dog too. While many were and are hoping this will turn out like a Turner and Hootch movie with a gaggle of white pups [oh, yes, I agree, it would be fun...]it would not be a reasonable thing. I am not experienced enough with Maremmas to breed and sell responsibly. My breeder has worked with these dogs on his farm for years and travels to speak and teach about them for working farms. I have no place doing that. And I think I kind of have enough going on. So no pups. {Sigh of relief from the all the Misfits...and The Dirt Farmer}.

However, there is always immaculate conception. I wouldn't put it past this creature.