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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Which Misfit gives you pause?

{Some of you posted comments on FB, but share here too. The Misfits always read the blog.}

I've updated the Misfit page where you can meet the adopted animals of Apifera- a.k.a. Misfits.

Do you have a Misfit that speaks to you in a special way, one that calms you or makes you smile no matter what photo you see of him or her? Which story of a Misfit do you remember, or have you met one or two of these creatures and have a memory to share?


Anonymous said...

Matilda is so beautiful in her wisdom and tenderness. But I adore them all. She speaks to me though. xox

Lis said...

I was smitten from the very get go by Aunt Bea. I also love Moose, but then my dog is named Moose ... still, such expressive faces and big personalities in little bodies. But the heart-stopper, heart-throb of all time for me has to be dear Stevie. Last summer I had to return to offer him one-more-goodbye and as I thanked him (with words and scratches) he slowly slowly closed his eyes, his head sinking down towards the ground and I believe he napped in that position (butt half still upright!) Ever the gentleman AND the flirt!

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