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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Just a quick post updating you on workshops and other delights:

~ The online workshop, "Capturing the Essence" which was developed in 2014, is now once again open for new students. But this time there is a deadline. Registration is open now through 9/30/15. The lessons must be completed by 11/30/15-after which links will be blocked.

~ "Emerging Crones" is a new workshop that will be held in April, 2016. I don't have all the details and pricing yet, but this will be an all day doll making workshop where we explore and celebrate as women emerging into our middle years and  'crone' years. People have been asking me to do a doll workshop for some time. Stay tuned!

~ The Kickstarter project, The Magical Misfit Book Mobile, has only 15 days to get funded. We still need $2400 to get our raggedy jalopy off the ground! Come on Misfitians, we can do this! Visit the funding page to see a movie and read more.

~ And this week, I am beginning my new book! Still no working title, but it will be magical, heartfelt, and I think White Dog and other present and former Misfits will be telling you a lot of stories. I will be sharing things as they develop. I hope to have the book finished by late spring.