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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pumpkins! And a pig is named.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as a pumpkin. A glowing orange orb complete with a carrying handle-so impressive. The Pumpkin Patch of Old Souls is ripe with them and I've harvested some for the season's first pumpkin party. Soon we will be celebrating Halloween, and like every year, the largest pumpkin brings out stories and visits from Old man Guinnias and other souls that are buried underneath the pumpkins.

Today the Lower Misfit Village had their party. As you can see from the short video, it was very well attended.

It was Birdie's first pumpkin party in her life-I think she was a bit confused.

Do we roll them around or fight over them? she wondered.

I have been watching one of the black and white spotted gilts [a gilt is a female pig that has not been bred], and I have decided to keep her as a possible therapy pig to join us on the Magical Misfit Mobile. She knows how to sit now [an easy task with pigs] and seems to be the most personable of the group. Eleanor is sweet but very different than Earnest and never really lays for belly rubs-she's a doer, busy, not a relaxer like Earnest. Earnest would be great on the Misfit Mobile but I'm afraid he's just a bit big for it, where as the gilts will stay smaller.

I met a woman artist online and I am in love with her work. Her name is Cornelia O'Donovan and she is British. I told her I might have to name this pig Cornelia and she was very pleased! In my family, having an animal named after you is an honor, but you never know. I tread lightly, especially when I'm telling a person,

"I want to name a pig after you."

Today I spoke to the pig and called her Cornelia O'Donovan, and it seemed to fit. I am not sure how Cornelia O'Donovan the woman will feel about her last name being used, I will ask. But it just has such a British flair, and I even suspect this particular pig has a bit of an accent. I know I did when I spoke to her.


Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

She is adorable and Cornelia sounds like a wonderful name for this cute gal. I shall check out the artist you mentioned. Pumpkin season here too and I'm looking forward to pumpkin soup. I can smell it cooking now. xox

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Her work reminds me of yours. Same mythic imagery. Nice. xox

Katherine Dunn said...

That's a compliment- she also does some b/w ink drawings I loved.

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