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Monday, January 25, 2016

Misfits to see America!

Details of the move to Maine are formulating, as are ideas about the Misfit Mobile. The busy season for real estate is said to be starting early this year like last, so we are fingers, toes and hooves crossed for a sale soon.

In the meantime, we are hashing out the details of transporting Misfits, dogs and people to Maine. In some ways, we are building a Misfit Mobile - or an arc. We have decided to haul the donkeys and Boone with an expert horse hauler. It's not cheap, but they are very good and that is what is needed. We looked into having the remaining Misfits hauled too, and for the same price range, we can put it towards a bigger, safer trailer and haul them with us. I feel the Misfits should be in my care and there are just too many details to hand over a grumpy pig, crippled goats and a duck, cats, White Dogs...so that is the plan. People wanted to chip in, so, I prorated out what the estimated Misfit hauling fee is [Matilda, Paco, goats, Rosie] and set up a GoFund [Note: The GoFund is only for the Misfits portion of $7500, our entire move including our household stuff is going to be about $30,000]


I talked to someone involved with elders and she made a good point. What about using the horse trailer we will need to buy for the trip, as a hauling trailer for elder visits, but then create a 'setting' outside of it so elders can have better access to the animals. Picture a book shelf with my books, reading items, an old oriental rug, some chairs and a Misfit and me open for readings and healing. Since many will be mobility challenged this made sense.
I thought too, create a double sided pouch for Pino, Paco, or Boone that would hold a few books. Go for a walk at the local farmer's markets, or other areas, and invite people to sit and read and talk to the animals. Crazy? Just friendly.
Invite facilities to the new Apifera and create a shrine of healing for visitors
So, the Magical Misfit Mobile is indeed magical, and healing. And it seems to be coming in many forms-the actual hauling van we will have FULL of Misfits as we drive across America [yes, I'm hoping to make some stops and hand out books, or leave loving Misfit messages on walls and park benches], and once in Maine it will take on another form.

I don't expect any of you to feel obligated to support the GoFund. But its there to help us haul our little Misfits in the safest way we can. What a journey!