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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mud on Muddy Hill

Mud and I went for a walk today, or tried, but as we got on the gravel drive we saw lurkers at the gate-people most likely driving by the place after seeing the listing. I have no problems with that, but didn't want to engage, so I decided to run up Muddy Hill a few times for a much needed aerobic break. Mud loved it, running on his namesake hill, the sheep up on the upper horizon with Otis and the donkeys.

He is a beautiful dog, a very happy creature. While Huck carries the worry that I might express at any given moment, Mud holds no pessimism in his mind. He is one of the happiest dogs I've known, a goof ball at times, a weapon carrying guy when his tail is with him which is always so hold onto all breakables.

Huck can't go on walks anymore, which is sad, as his face shows disappointment when Mud and I leave. It is only relieved when we return, and he looks so soothed that we are back.

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Anonymous said...

Our oldest guy Philo no longer can go, it is sad to see them wane. But Mud looks like a great companion for those sprints. xox

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