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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

White Dog rituals

Every morning I have rituals with the animals. Rituals give us all consistency, and animals like and need consistency to feel safe, and therefore happy. Benedetto and I speak each morning and our mantra for this year is,

"Everything will be okay."

It reverberates from his eyes and my acknowledgment reflects back to him.

While each day there are things to think about for the move [to be clear, we have not sold yet, and must before we can move], I am relishing in my time with the farm and creatures-more so in some ways than ever-simply because I know the uprooting will be chaotic at times, exhilarating, sometimes cloudy-but once we land our rituals will be in place again.

Thank you to the initial supporters who have come out to help us off set the cost to move Misfits. The goal amount is only a portion of the $30,000 it will take us to move the farm, but will help with the cost of the adopted Misfits travel.