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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Two special birthdays-we celebrate a man and a Goose

Today is a special birthday in many ways. It is Martyn's 58th birthday, and for the next two weeks we are the same age until I turn 59 in March. It is also the birthday of Goose the little goat that came to us in a a most wonderful way. It was 2013, my mother died in April. Along with the many deaths I constantly faced due to my work with special needs and elder Misfits I had taken on, my mother's death was explosive in many ways as we were very close. Without me knowing it, Martyn had a client that happened to have a little baby goat she was happy to send to Apifera. Martyn thought it would bring cheer. At the same time, in my Lucy Ricardo way, I found that a friend to Apifera had a little buckling that I fell in love with and without telling Martyn I told her I'd love to have some young blood at the farm to bring cheer.

Well, the goat Martyn found was Goose, and low and behold he shared Martyn's birthday. The goat I found was Moose and he shares my birthday.

You can't make this stuff up.

The gift of Martyn in my life can not go unnoticed by anyone who knows us. While I know I bring things into his life, it is he who has followed me around with hammer and ladder, helping bring to life my big ideas. The moment I met Martyn, I knew he was kind, and he is. He also makes me laugh, all the time. He allows me to show my sadness, anger and fear and has a way of smoothing me out like water on a rock. We compliment each other. We love each other.

We are best friends.

And then of course there is Goose, seen here in one of my favorite photos of Misfits mingling, busily going about their day. Goose could have been a good therapy goat, but he was a real nibbler, and it took me a long time to cure him of that. He has switched from nibbling to giving tongue kisses. I suppose some might find this appalling, having a goat's little tongue give a quick lick on the human lips...but I like it. Goose has a beautiful little personality. He's inquisitive but not troublesome, and has an expression no matter what the day, or weather that says,

"Good day, glad to be here, eh?"

It is a good day, with sun, and warm air melting snow, reminding us spring is around the corner. And spring is a wonderful time to be born, as it reminds us we are part of the cycle of life witnessed so many times here on the farm.