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Sunday, October 08, 2017

I got stuck in the barn with The Llama and it was the best morning ever

The morning began with lots of wind and warm air but with a real feel of fall, and the smell of the ocean's cove nearby. It was beautiful. By the time I was almost done with feeding and cleanup in the outer barn, the rains began-down pours is a better way to explain them.

I love being in the barn in the rain. It takes me back to when I was little and I'd go out to my sumac fort in the cool days of autumn, sit with my poodle and just commune with Nature. There is something so comforting and 'safe' about being in the barn with the animals in inclement weather.

The animals take it all in stride. The sheep are not real lovers of rain, nor is Benedetto [although he loves snow and cold]. The llama too usually comes in when it rains, the donkeys and Boone really don't care but they were all inside munching breakfast hay.

After living in Oregon all those years, you might be wondering why I felt I couldn't run back to the house some 300 or so feet away.
I could have, but, I just didn't feel the need to get wet in a warm-but chilly-when-wet day and I had no coat on, or hat. So I sat amongst the sheep and Ben, and Birdie, with the equines right on our side in the other stall. The beautiful rain is much needed and it also meant the winds and rain kept the flies away.

I must have been out there forty minutes, in silence, having my morning equivalent of a church like experience.

Remember this moment, I thought.

I'm here, I thought, I'm getting to have this human experience, of feeling the air and smelling the rains and sea with wet wool mixed in and the smell of the horse near by.

It is moments like these that confirm I am a spirit having a human experience on this realm, and my time here must not be taken lightly.

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