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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Opie hits the town again and an old gent makes my heart swoon

We had a beautiful morning with our friends at Wiscasset Green, an assisted living home we've been visiting since spring every couple of weeks. The town of Wiscasset is about 30 minute drive, but this time of year it is so pretty, and the town itself is so charming-a postcard setting.

I try to spend more time visiting versus taking photos. I'd love an assistant for one visit so I could focus on on photography-but, I feel the residents are my priority, not my photos.

Jean had her fingernails painted today, it was so sweet. She and Mary sat on the wicker couch with the blue cushion and they were both dressed in blue. There must be bonus points for this, I told them. Everyone was there today except Slyvia had to leave for an appointment but she got to see Opie just as she was departing.

But when Joe didn't arrive my heart sort of sunk. I finally asked where he was, and to my relief he was on his way down but had gotten consumed in writing a letter. Joe is 85 and really sharp. He lost 'the love of his life' in January, and his son soon after-but he always has a smile on his face and has wonderful stories-but he also asks a lot of questions, and I feel he genuinely cares about Apifera. He always asks me, "What was the best thing that happened this week at the farm?"

Today we talked about children, and if I had any. I said "no" and explained I love kids but made a decision in my earlier life not to have any, because I knew in my heart my personality would not be able to focus enough on being a good mother and felt it would not be fair to the children. Joe said,

"Well, we can be your kids now."

My heart swelled!

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