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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kisses to share

Lest anyone think I have completely loss my sense of humor or whim over the past few entries, I treated myself to the joy of making some new holiday designs for cards, honoring some of my muses.

The last weeks have been full of county politics - a bit too much for my sensitive little heart - and animal passings. While 10 of the latter were cows going to feed people, and two were mice murdered in my kitchen, it still seemed at times a bit heavy around here. And thank you to all the nice messages and emails from so many compassionate farm lovers. Like I Heart Farms, one of my favorite farm blogs, loaded with information and wonderful things.

So, to remind myself of who I am, and where I am, I did two things for myself this morning. I took some white gesso and painted "Neil" on my jeans, to remind myself that if there are answers to be sought, or air guitars to be played, I only need turn on Neil Young music- yes, and you people that follow my little world know that the Neil Young music must be played - LOUDLY. The second thing I did was take Pino Blangiforti for a walk [for those who wonder where his compadré Paco is, he is still in halter training, and sometimes, a girl just wants to be with one donkey]. We walked down to the road to visit with a neighboring horse, Rudy, who stands alone day and night in his field, sore feet and all. The local horse people have been keeping tabs of sort on him for years, and we all give him treats. He is lonely I think. So I took little Pino down there, and he reached cautiously up towards this HUGE head of Rudy's [he is exceptionally big, bigger than Sky even]. The two of them gently sniffed, although Rudy has been known to show his stuff, so I was cautious and ready to step in - one large bite and Pino could have lost a nose. But instead, the sweetest, most gentle demonstration of 'nice to meet you' transpired: Rudy took his lips and just puckered, and gently engulfed Pino's muzzle - not a rough equine play nibble, not a dominance nibble, just a gentle little kiss. A soft little kiss like two little butterflies would give each other upon greeting in spring.

We all need little kisses like this. So, the rest of morning was spent kissing everyone. All because of one old lonely horse and one little donkey. So 'pass it one', and write to me and tell me who you kissed today. I will share it with Rudy when Pino and I walk down to greet him again.


Unknown said...

So many kisses! After reading your post, I too felt the need for kisses. I started out with the hounds Harley and Dottie, and stole kisses from Sweet Pea and Sass- but Jack was tired and not interested at all. I then went out to the barn where my girls greeted me with soft nickers (something I will never tire of)and I was able to get all of the soft kisses I needed from the soft furry equine lips of Kassy and Betsy who can take care of any problems you may have in life.

Anonymous said...

I have to follow my personal rule (hard-learned) to 'never kiss a farm dog on the lips', so Boomer and Allie are out....the cats are a little squirrely, so they're out...


Val...yes, I'll give Val a kiss as soon as I see her this afternoon


Farmgirl Susan said...

You wouldn't know it from the length of time it's taken me to get around to commenting here, but the timing with this post was perfect. I read it for the first time last week. The previous afternoon I had caught myself hugging and kissing yet another sheep and thought, "I am probably spending half my day kissing animals!" Then I wondered if that was something I should keep to myself. Well, obviously not! I won't put the whole list here; let's just say it's pretty long. And yes, of course Donkey Doodle Dandy is on it. xx : )

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