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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh dear Pig, forgive me

Rosie is not talking to me - at least for now. I'm hoping by day's end she forgets the trauma of the morning. But pigs most likely never forget.

Or maybe if she looks up at the wall where I recently placed her special birdhouse [which was made by a volunteer at her former residence, Sanctuary One] perhaps then she will remember I am on her side, only here to help Her Highness.

You see, the vet came out for a variety of matters- one of which was to castrate Little Moose, and then assess the old goats for nutrition and pain needs, and finally - to give shots to Rosie and assist with her piggie feet.

It was a three person job, aided with a board and pig snare. If you've never heard a pig scream, well, it is not pleasant. My belly rubs as she stood snared helped a tiny bit, and my vet worked fast to trim and poke, but she was not pleased. But it really helped me out as I can not do it on my own - nobody can. I was somewhat successful in summer warmer days with foot trims - I'd sneak a trim on a toe or two while she slept. But this was helpful and no matter what that vet bill comes to was well worth it! And we had fun too - not Rosie, but humans helping.

So The Pig now naps, and the old goats rest - and Little Moose is a brave fellow recovering from his procedure today. I'll be glad when he has another day under his belt to help with the discomfort. The pain meds help but I'm sure it doesn't feel normal to him.

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pencilfox said...

oh....poor rosie....

hopefully her sleep is restorative and she remembers nothing the next day....


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