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Thursday, September 24, 2009

He's home!

Guinnias is home from the vet!

I decided he'd be more comfortable here in his stall, with daily exercise, and the vet felt he was looking good. He has a drainage tube in the remains of the abscess area [that little strip in his rear you might see in this movie], I won't say more! But the vet did make it clear the huge quantity of goo he got out of it - we're talking 2 cups! It's definitely not cancer, and we'll know if it's Cl, or just a harmless abscess next week. He also confirmed there was no blockage in his boy parts, so that's good. [I can say 'boy parts", how much info do my readers really need at dinner time?]. The other good news is the lump in his throat was drained and was just a harmless cyst.

One sweet thing, when I went to pick him up and I greeted him at his stall at the vet, he leaned all over me, and if I moved out of eyesight, he let out his silent cries [Guin doesn't bleat, we don't know why, but lets out little raspy whispers instead].

So until we find out the test results, we will shoot him full of Penicillin and flush his wound and give him many animal crackers. And thank you to all his well wishers. He is one old, loved goat!


Cathy said...

I am so thrilled that he's home! This all sounds really encouraging. Hugs and love to you both.

leh113 said...

Welcome home sweet old fellow-I've been pulling for you!

farmlady said...

Guinnias, Guinnias,
Handsome old goat.
Leaning on love,
bleating silent words.
Heal and know how much
you're loved...,here,
have an animal cracker
you sweet old goat.

Sharon said...

yeaaaaaa! I'm so thrilled...everyone needs a little dusting and cleaning now and then...soak up all the rest you can Guinnias...s

Paula said...

Glad to hear things are leaning toward the positive.

HMMMMMMMMMMMM, I'm feelin' an old goat stamp coming on.........I don't think Pino would mind.

K ~ your farm family is such an inspiration.

NAL said...

This is encouraging news! So happy for you and Guinnias!

Hang in there!

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I have been wondering how he was doing! Glad to hear he is on the mend.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Welcome home, Guinnias! I'm so glad your procedure went well and I'm sure he's so happy to be back home with his goat mama and will heal much quicker now that he's back with the rest of his pals at Apifera farm!

deedledumpling said...

Oh yeh!! I am so glad he is OK from the procedure. Been wondering. Hopefully the results will be negative. Hope he has a good Fall nap!!

Apifera Farm said...

Thanks so much to everyone writing notes in all venues. And poetry too, well, that's pretty nice!

He's ok today, but not totally himself yet. Sore, I assume, and the shots I'm giving intra-muscular seemed to have made his already weak hind leg weaker. He's so bony, hard to know where to stick that needle.
Not eating great, even with molasses. But he's up and about, and getting sunshine.

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. Pop over to http://feltmusings.blogspot.com to check it out! :)


Claire said...

Loved to see the update on dear old Guinnias. I hope he will recover well. We have 2 CL goats who stay separate from everyone else. We have done lancing and iodine treatments of their abscesses (they had quite a few when they first came to us) but since then, they have had very few. They only seem to erupt at times of significant stress or injury. It is quite manageable when on a small scale.

Apifera Farm said...

Gee, thanks Theresa! I'll find time and check that out- very nice of you...

Hey Claire- so good to hear from you - you've been busy! I really hpe it's negative. We'll know soon enough. The danger of any positive result besides the obvious open sores- is a CL positive creature can have internal abscesses - they will just keep regenerating internally eventually killing the animal [I don't know if this always happens] and when the internal sores erupt, you won't know. So the infected animal coughs and out comes infected tissue. I guess some breeders would xray high value breeding does/ewes. ANyway, not to once again scare the poop out of you - but I hadn't known about the internal abscesses that can be part of this....let's hope!

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