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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wonderful donkey sanctuary

I have been spending a lot of time at the The Donkey Sanctuary's site, and they are role models for me. I know I'll never be as big as they are, but I am so inspired by their accomplishments. Not only do they help the donkeys, they educate children and adults about the plight of working donkeys [of which there are many in Europe]. They have subsidiary farms in Europe that also take in donkeys, and each has their own education programs. Some work with donkey therapy for special needs children, and some take the donkeys to the elderly - the latter, oh if I were free and single and farm-less, I'd hop a plane and beg to work there, with room and board in the barn.

I have written them explaining I want to fund raise for them, and hope to hear back in the month. In the mean time, please visit their site, adopt a donkey, donate, or just educate yourselves about the plight of many working donkeys.

This lovely lady here is Consuella, who is 30 years old. This is a Creative Commons copyrighted image, meaning you can post it as long as you give them credit. So pass this post on to donkey lovers.

I'll be posting more from their site - and hope I can help in some way.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

If only more people knew how smart, gentle, loving and fascinating donkeys are...
I've been donkey-less for almost a year now and not a day goes by that I don't miss each of the six I once had.
Good for you for wanting to help the beautiful donkeys.

Apifera Farm said...

Oh, I have to go back and remember where you had donks [instead I got consumed with your Barred Rock post - we send healing wishes!]. I've often thought that when I'm 80, Pino will be alive [unless something happens to him] and he'll be 34, and it sort of saddens me to think I'll leave him alone. Oh god, listen to me, but that's what happens, alot, owners die, an older animals are left.

Now that I've totally depressed myself. You'll have to come out and meet him!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I know...those 40-year donkey lifespans are incredible and have made me get a catch in my throat on a number of occasions (thinking about them outliving me and who would care for them).
To clarify, I was a donkey foster mama and ran a satellite adoption center for a national donkey rescue. The trend for people wanting donkeys in Oregon is increasing, I have to say, as I was able to adopt all my donks out within six months of getting them and, after that, people were calling me almost daily asking to adopt. Were I to do it over again, though, I would have adopted Brownie, Pistol and Ian (my very special boys) for my own. My heart still hurts not having them around. Hindsight is always 20/20.

I'd love to come and meet Pino some time. I'm in sore need of some donkey love (if that doesn't sound too weird - lol).

Apifera Farm said...

Yes, you were the one that told me about that rescue. I actually read up on being a satellite. My husband doesn't want me to do it and I think he might be right. I need to focus on animals one on one more, and keep my art as a focus to share my feelings. I think I'd get totally lost in care, versus care and expression. Still...
you're welcome to come out - we'll do a donkey therapy rescue mission on you.

soggibottom said...

Soggibottom is only half an hour's drive away from Sidmouth. We often visit the Donkeys. The lucky ones area a pleasure to visit. Giving more than they give. x x x Yes we even visit on the cold and windy days....x Always a pleasure to read your blog

Apifera Farm said...

Thanks so much for writing Soggibottom. It is so cool to hear you have been there! I still haven't hear back from anyone about being an ambassador or fundrasiser for them in UK or Spain, but hope too soon.

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