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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pino has tea with Emma

Okay, we didn't serve tea, or make pie, but we had a casual, lovely, slow visit with Emma, our hospice friend. Emma is the person that helped me coordinate the Hospice Celebration Day with her Kaiser co-workers. She came out Sunday to pick up all the prayer flags from that event.

You know, I really like a person who gets out of her car, and when you greet her with, "Do you mind sitting out in the donkey barnyard?", she says, "Sure!" That's my kind of woman.

And when you say to that same person, about an hour later, "Hey, wanna go sit with the chickens?", and she says "Sure!" - well, I really like her.

What's more, it was therapy for me. I rarely have a day where I get 30 minutes to sit, let alone two hours. Thank you, Emma, for providing some company and donkey-chicken therapy at my own farm.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Donkey-chicken therapy...there's nothing like it in the world!! :-)
I think we need t-shirts proclaiming this!

Paula S In New Mexico said...

Donkey ~ chicken therapy.

I'm jealous.

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