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Friday, January 28, 2011

One old granny, sassy lad included

It's official, Apifera is bringing home two more rescued goats from New Moon Farm/Goat Rescue!

As some may remember, we had intended to adopt old Forrest with Granny. Forest was found abandoned in the forest, in bad shape, but New Moon took him in and was getting him into shape. Sadly, he was found dead in his stall a couple weeks into rehab, all curled up with Granny.

Now Wilbur, well, look at that face. We are told he's 'fat and sassy', and I decided that it might be nice to have a young 'un in the old pygmy clatch. We deal with a lot of death around here, and having a young one to cause trouble seemed like a fun idea. After all, Frankie is around 8 or 9, so she's almost a senior too.

A kind person has volunteered to pick up the goats and deliver them to Apifera. [Brays, hoof stomps]. She will be rewarded with pie, goat slop kisses and gas, Apifera lavender and some pocket change. I've raised a little over half of the adoption fee. Feel free to donate, or not. Either way, we're bringing home some goats!

I shall wait to tell Old Man Guinnias on the day of the big arrival.

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Sharon said...

oh my gosh wilbur is THE best goat name EVER. and you can never go wrong with fat and sassy....congrats to the kind friend making the delivery....gee, with treats like gas and pie, who could turn down that opportunity....though now, i'm wondering if the gas is for the truck....hmmmmm?

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Hooorah! Wilbur! He was the one I was smitten with! Oh I'm sooo excited! I can't wait to see pictures of Wilbur meeting the marvelous menagerie of Apifera. And don't forget, the driver gets handspun yarn too!

Apifera Farm said...

Yes, Wilbur is quite the catch, isn't he? CLaire, I totally forgot!!! I will give you her email address later. How kind of you!

Jennifer Ressmann said...

Wow Katherine - you have had your share of sadness lately. It's nice to see a happy goat to brighten the day. Best Wishes for the new guy!

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