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Monday, January 31, 2011

Old lady and sassy lad arrive

They arrived late yesterday afternoon, just in time to experience their first evening call from Boone. While the chaos of the world continues and always will, the fact that two strangers offered to drive two needy goats to Apifera, a five and a half hour trip, is something to smile about. They asked for nothing in return, and I'm afraid the apple pie I made as a token of my appreciation was not my best, but it was warm.

We got Wilbur out of the crate first, and I noticed his scur [horn] area was bloody. I had failed to understand that he had recently had a stray scur cauterized while he was at New Moon Farm and Goat Rescue , and even though I assumed it was related to a scur and not serious, I treated it with some iodine just to make sure. Unfortunately, I didn't use my syringe, and Wilbur's lovely face is now a bit of a mess. Many apologies were presented to him, and by this morning, he seemed happy to see me.

Granny has missing front teeth, and what teeth she has are wobbly and crooked. Her tongue sticks out most of the time and she drools a bit. She is very gentle and loving, very friendly. Compared to Old Guinias, and Gertie and Georgie who came before her, she seems like a spring chicken...oh excuse me, I promised the hens I would not use that term.....what I meant was that she seems spry for her old age.

This morning Wilbur wandered the barnyard examining things, not very interested in me. But when he heard the donkeys bray, he came running for my side. It was quite charming, and from that moment on, I became his safe spot. As usual, Frankie is not the best welcoming committee, but Old Man Guinnias has been a gentleman.

Today's activities will be Barnyard Bonding, which will continue through the week. I have the hens in charge of barn tours. Cookies will be served at breakfast and dinner, as well as post nap time.

I want to thank everyone who donated for the adoption fees. You can still sign on to be a goat sponsor to help pay for feed, hay and miscellaneous meds.


Cathy said...

They're both lovely! Wilbur is a handsome boy even with an iodined face, and how nice for Guinnias to have a senior lady friend.

Emma said...

Welcome, Wilbur and Granny!

Zap said...

Love these two...what great additions to the gang at Apifera...love that Wilber found the need for a home base as it were!!!

Sharon said...

charming! congrats to you all.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Super! Wilbur is a dear even with his new "anointing" and Granny is absolutely grinning! A super post that brought a big smile to my face!

Delisa said...

Dear Katherine:
I'm so happy for you! These new little friends are going to be a wonderful addition to your farm family. Your pictures of the animals are really wonderful and I enjoy seeing them very much. Have a nice afternoon.
Delisa :)

turquoise cro said...

Yayyyyyy! Welcome to Apifera Farm Granny and cute lil Wilbur with your sleek goatee! Sorry to hear about your lil sheep!

Melly Testa said...

Very Pretty new additions.

Anonymous said...

They're both adorable. I'm very happy for them to have landed in such a wonderful spot. And that is very nice of those strangers to drive them there.

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