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Friday, June 07, 2013

Pino's Porta Potty Movie 2013!

IT"S HERE! Pino's Porta Potty Movie 2013! This year, Stella the goat and Olive Oil the sheep help out and - WARNING - the potty talk abounds. For those of you new to Apifera, every year The Puppet gets very excited for the arrival of the porta potty for his Pie Day. He takes to it like a long lost friend, and each year he makes a special movie to honor its arrival.

Pino Pie Day - the annual event that raises money for Apifera's barnyard of Misfits is Saturday June 15 from 11 to 4. Art and lavender are for sale, as are the many aprons donated by Pino's fans. This year we'll again be lucky to have Carolyn Holman here with her "Girl Bands" head wear too - I personally have about 6 of them!

If you can't make it to Pie Day and want to donate to the Misfits that is just wonderful.

Now sit back and enjoy the puppet potty humor!

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