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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Donkeys and barn angels

We have reached $10,000! We need $4,500 more to reach the Kickstarter goal and get "Donkey Dream" funded-and I know we can do it. SO grateful for all you pledgers!

To spice the pot, not only will you get the new book[s] for pledging, you might take home original art. Last week I announced how you might take home a favorite donkey piece, but I have decided to entice you even more with two more sweet pieces of art, shown here.

Here's how you might take them home: You do not get to pick which piece you are pledging for, if The Head Troll pulls your name out of the bucket, she decides. This way it is fair.

New pledgers:For each $25 you pledge, your name will be on a slip of paper, and placed in the donkey's bucket. SO if you pledge $75, your names gets put on three pieces of paper and dropped into the bucket. Keep in mind for each $25 you pledge, if funded, you also get three of the books when printed.

If you already have pledged:For each $25 increase you make on your current pledge, your name will go into the donkey's bucket. And yes, each additional $25 gets you another copy of the book once funded and printed.

So there will be chances to take home one of the three pieces of art-all with a pledge of $25 or more.
{Nobody will take home more than one piece however}.

Pledge today. Make the donkey bray, the pig squeal, the Dirt Farmer blow a kiss, the old goose lay an egg, the chickens line dance, and make the pie baker sigh [that would be me!]


Terra said...

I admire your creative spirit and how you are raising money to publish the book.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thank you Terra- it's daunting. And a roller coaster-but thank you so much.

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