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Friday, March 14, 2014

From the light of the barn-more birth

This lambing season I am making a real effort to document the feeling of lambing-not so much the birth process, but the quiet times I spend with the sheep and the lambs. The light is so wonderful and creates rich, but soft images. There is a peace in it, even after a death, the light is warm and comforting.

But there was no death this season, no trauma. The girls did it all without me, and I am grateful for their work. To be honest, this past couple weeks has hit me with a bit of mild depression-the spring smells, sounds and auras simply are taking me back to a year ago when my mother died. i won't hide it. I'm okay, but having a smooth lambing week was such a gift, and I'm happy for the sheep too. It is the first lambing that I didn't even get my hands bloody.

I put Betty in last night and figured she would lamb and she did. Her twins were clean and dry when I did feedings. She is a pro, they all are. Betty had our final twins, both healthy girls. At first I thought they were both white but was delighted to see the pinto girl. What a beauty she is.

I hope to make a book someday akin to Nell Dorr's book, "Mother and Child" from eons ago. That book's beauty and sanctity affected me deeply even as a little girl-how it captured the seasons of both nature and family-old and young. So I'm taking lots of images, hoping to capture this life amongst a barn and sheep, and light.


NancyGeneArmstrong said...

Betty has the most beautiful babies. The photographs are wonderful-that gentle light.
You must feel wonderful with so much new life at the farm.

Candace said...

Beautiful animals, that last little one is so unusual. And beautiful photos, yes, the light is lovely. I'm so glad you had a successful, easy lambing season this year.

Katherine Dunn said...

Thanks for stopping in you guys! I'm relieved too all went well and appears all are healthy...

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Oh the pinto is most wonderful. Looks like a little pup almost from behind. xox

Katherine Dunn said...

Thanks for stopping by Corrine! Come back soon!

Sharmon Davidson said...

These images are magical; thanks for sharing them.

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