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Monday, March 10, 2014

How to share a birthday with a goat

If you are lucky enough to know a goat, as I do, and have the same birthday as one, as I also do today, then I give you some suggestions on what might make the day even better-even though let's face it, having a goat with the same birthday as you is pretty special.

Arise on your birthday and breathe deeply. Feel your body from the inside out, for no matter how old or young you are, or feel, it is good to celebrate the body too-we could not have come into this realm without one. As haggard as it might be, your body does the best it can especially with a flawed human at the helm.

Arise even farther, stand up and stretch, yawn, celebrating your skin and bones. Wander to the kitchen-I said wander, take note of at least one delightful thing you pass each day, and greet it,

"Hello chair, you are so sturdy,"

and then get to the kitchen. Eat whatever you want. Scale be damned! Eat slowly though, taste each bite.

Dress haphazardly, put on your boots and head to the barn. Greet everyone and when you see the birthday goat,
express the good luck of being born on the same day. Throw animal crackers in the air, and again, and again. This will delight the goat and engage his or her body and mind.

As you leave the barn, remember with each step you have the honor of living with a goat. No matter what happens as your birthday unfolds, it will all be frosting on the cake.

Stand with me now, and salute Little Moose who turns one years old today. I'm honored to have such a fine co-birthday celebrator.


dulcy said...

Happy birthday to you both, and great bday advice!

Anonymous said...

Love that face!
Happy Happy Birthday, from another Pisces..

Ruth Armitage said...

Happy Birthday to all! Each day a new birth :)

Sharmon Davidson said...

Happy birthday to both you and Little Moose! He is quite adorable!

lupabrava said...

happy birthday friend! and hooray for baby meeses!

Terra said...

Isn't he a sweetie pie? Happy birthday to you both.

Carole Reid said...

Hippy, hoppy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your old (oops.... young) goat!

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