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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Here's love for you

I like Valentine's Day. I always felt, even as a child, it was about love for everyone and everything-not for lovers specifically. When I lived in NYC and worked at a large well known ad agency, I always gave out valentines. They seemed to look at it as a Midwest kindness thing, but everyone, although surprised, enjoyed them. How can you not?

I had so many Valentines greetings to make today between Martyn and creatures, that it took an entire day, while I worked on fencing. I'd stop and enjoy time in the sun with whoever chose to come my way-be it caprine, sheep, porcine or rooster. It was over sixty degrees and sunny. How can one not feel the love of the ground and sky- like something good must be happening in the world for this beautiful day. While others might be suffering in the cold, or in war or sad conditions-I could not dwell on that. i selfishly soaked up each second of my manual labor, watching my main valentine work on the new barn, but watch step was so decadent in that weather. I can not take it for granted–the weather or the life.

Here are three valentines to you-glimpses of the love that was all around me–An old pony once so lame she couldn't get up now runs; a raggedy little goat who once shied from touch now poses in a bucket waiting for a back rub; and a flock of sheep on Muddy Hill graced with morning light and fog.


blissfulsally said...

I am with you about Valentine's Day-love for all! What could be better. Thank you for these fine Valentine's, and a very happy Valentine's Day to you and the whole farm.

Anonymous said...

Perfect Valentines. We were shoveling snow again and again and so cold and windy so we had play time with doggies in the house running around from room to room, not the same but wonderful nonetheless. xox

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Each time I post a sunny warm photo I know there are a lot of groans and sighs from the East!

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