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Monday, February 16, 2015

Old Mama Sugee's progress

I wanted to share this sequence of photos taken from fall 2013 to this weekend. When this near 40 year old arrived she was a bone. She did not put on weight well and last summer in the heat she was also having seizures. I changed her feed and was really happy to take her winter jacket off and see how she has put on good weight. Yes, she has her hairy winter coat still, but when you feel her, her ribs have fat and her hind end has filled in a lot. This is gratifying. She has not had seizures [that I am aware of] since last summer.

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Anonymous said...

She looks amazing. Love those woolies she sports. Those pony types are tough little ones. Our neighbor had a mini shetland and Bandit was a tough little guy, loved him. Miss him now. xox

Lis said...

She was one of my favorites to visit with last summer. So love DOES fatten you up?! Happy to see she is doing so well. I know I would thrive on your farm ... of course, I would also be eating all the pie! xo

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I almost didn't let her be in Pie Day last June becsue I was sure some know-it-all would report her! Fortuantly all the vets know me and come here often. But she was horribly thin. She ahs a lot more energy now too and is no wuss, I lead her by placing my hand over her neck and she usually trots right along with me to the barn.

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