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Friday, July 17, 2015

Eight years of ear conversations

It's hard to believe it's been eight years since I brought Boone home. That's eight years of ear conversations with him and they get more subtle all the time.

When I walk Boone into the arena, I do it off halter. He walks on my side. I stop, he stops. I have been noticing how much more subtle our cues are getting to one another. Well, his cues were always subtle and he was just waiting for me to listen.

I took this image the other day. He flies. It does feel like that especially when I'm on him. We've been doing so much cantering outside working on down hills. He loves it. He loves the trails. A friend was saying to me,

I wish my horse came to me like that. I wish my horse nickered to me like Boone does to you.

Boone always comes to me in the field, or comes to the barn when I am there. I never have to worry about enticing him in. There is the food factor, but as my riding mate said,

He likes you. He likes being here.

Me too.

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