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Friday, July 24, 2015

Sharing Blog Love: The story of Georgia Grace

I wanted to start sharing blogs I encounter that show a person sharing stories, with excellent photography/art or words. I think we all know that our interaction on blogs has changed since Facebook and other social platforms, but I still look at my blog as an intimate place, a time to converse individually without fear of being interrupted or shamed for something. I miss the many people that used to talk on my blog-now many leave comments on Facebook instead. I am seeing more and more harried people, not taking the time[or not having it] to stop and READ. Facebook is cocktail chatter which has its place, but the blog is an intimate conversation by the fireside. So I'm going to share blogs I encounter and like.

Kerry O'Gorman lives on Vancouver Island and is an artist and photographer. I first was introduced to her world after she commented on my blog, and she has since been a follower here, encouraging my animal care and writings. Her photos are really wonderful and I hope you will visit her site. She also does felted creatures that are charming and for sale.

A recent post on her blog came to my attention and it is another example of one person helping an animal the best they can. I really felt for her, as I have encountered so many cats here in the past eleven years and it takes a lot of patience to trap them and do right by them-it's also expensive, and can be emotionally traumatic.

So when I saw her story about a little ferel kitten, who had been rejected by the ferel mother, I read on. The little imp of a furball appeared to be blind-and once they trapped her the vet diagnosed the cat with a disorder that would most likely lead to removing the eye. To have found a kitten with eyes that looked so diseased, I know Kerry must have felt so heart sick by it.

But she forged on, and now that little kitten is thriving in her care. And her name is Georgia Grace.

I will be watching Georgia as she goes through life. She certainly fell into the right hands, and if you have to live anywhere, Vancouver Island isn't too shabby.

Thank you for sharing your world, Kerry. Please continue!