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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Have donkey, will deliver pies

I have completely revamped my main site. I yearned for whiter pages, and for a site that combined my art and farm muses and life more seamlessly than the last. I also have been wanting to showcase more of my drawing and charcoals such as this image, and plan to keep adding these. Where the idea of this "Girl Yearning for Mother's Red Shoes" came from, I don't know. I just did it one day. Perhaps it is a throwback to a time in my life when I yearned for new red shoes, I don't know, but it pleases me, especially the orange.

I am looking forward to September and to focus on art again - and the weather change - the best time of year in my book. But until then, I amindulging this August with daily rides with my horse and working on the lavender field. And with the donkey's help, I have begun "Pino's Pie Club". As I write, I have a homemade blackberry pie baking and when it is done, I will put it in a little basket and Pino and I will hand deliver it to our nearby farm friends down the road. I love to bake, and I always had a romantic notion that when one moves to the country, one must bake pies and deliver them in little baskets. I never would have dreamed I'd get to do it with a donkey, but that shows you how magical the universe works. Pino has become such a hit on Tupper Road, that I walk him to visit with people. And I just thought baking pies is just about the darn golliest farm friendly thing one can do. I make little cards to go with each pie. I figure I get to test the pie crust cookies, and leave the pie to the neighbors, helping me to keep from looking like Hoss in Bonaza by winter.

I am researching a little wagon for Pino to pull - a mini donkey pulling a wagon with lavender and pies - oh, man, I gotta have it. Perhaps the drawing above is representative for me of a simpler life, a life of just simply wanting new red shoes seems sometimes easier than the life we are now living by choice. My shoes are always dirty, and I never dress up much anymore. I still paint peace signs on my jeans and girl up my riding attire with daisies in the horse bridal and one for my hat. But a young girl with braids yearning for a mother's red shoes - this seems so far away. Maybe that's all it was. A nice memory.


Tina T-P said...

Hi Katherine -
I have a wonderful pair of Italian, burgandy red shoes(half suede/half patent leather) that I got "just before my feet gave out" probably 14 years ago - I was only able to wear them 4 or 5 times. I still have them, and once in a while, I still sit, like your young girl and yearn for my beautiful red shoes.

I'm also excited - my Cats & Sheep for Peace buttons & bumper stickers should be here on Monday. Yeah!

Love your site - Tina

Yolanda said...

I really like the look of the new farm site.I remember growing up when i was small we had a peddler who delivered goods to people from just such a cart with a donkey.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Yo! Your donkey is showing up my donkey. Pie delivery!? A CART?! I suppose he walks along next to you attached to a nice little lead attached to his unratty halter?

Donkey Doodle Dandy would probably refuse to go anywhere and simply sit down and eat the entire pie (without sharing).

But of course I would still adore him. : )

P.S. You know I love the whole idea of course--especially the cards.

lisrobbe said...

I love the look of your new site and the your works never seen before.

ESB said...

WOW....love this painting and love your newly designed web site. It's breathtaking.

I went to a nearby farm yesterday and saw baby goats, sheep, pigs, and cows and thought of you...

Summer Pierre said...

your site is beautiful! I am with you looking forward to getting fully back to things in September & October. I am always very inspired during the fall! I bet your farm is wonderful during this time too!

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