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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I live with a donkey and a real Christopher Robin

This is what I saw yesterday morning as I left the house to go to the barn.

Perhaps everyone is tired of my donkey. I am as annoying, I suppose, as people that talk too much about their toddler's first steps, or new couples that put the name of their brand new boyfriend's or girlfriend's name in every sentence as if they were
all mashed together as one entity. Yuck. Sorry, but I'm just not quite done with the initial infatuation with bringing home a new farm animal. It should subside sometime, maybe. Probably not before Saturday, when Pino will attend a birthday party down the road for a five year old friend, who doesn't know he's coming yet. We will have to leave plenty early to get there on time, as Pino walks......v...e..r....y.....slllloooowwwllllllllyyyyy.

As with all my past August's, I am thinking on low drive, in little spurts, writing in chops, not as fluid as usual. I see things and I want to remember them, or honor them but since I'm trying not to paint this month, I write a note, or take photos.

For example, this morning Martyn appeared in front of me in this outfit. Yes, I am married to Christopher Robin. This outfit is almost as good as his rubber suit, but perhaps even more endearing. I complimented him on his attire, and as he walked out the door, he said, "I picked it out my ownself"...


Yolanda said...

Loving these photos. I am in love with Pinot. He is a cutie

ESB said...

ha! both of them are ADORABLE.

penelope said...

This post made me smile!
You are a very lucky woman... what with donkeys and christopher robins on your farm!

farmgirl said...


Jeph said...

Pinot's cute! Will have to do some back-reading to see if you write about how you picked him out.

And I LOVE the picture of your husband! LOL I can just as easily see a 5 yr old in the same pose, same clothing, same smirk! LOL Ah, to be a kid again...when nothing goes wrong, and the biggest worries are if there will be enough bugs to catch in a jar, or enough water to make mud pies.

Jeanne said...

The look of a man in love with his woman - that's what I see. I love the hat too!

More pictures! More Pictures!

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