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Friday, April 27, 2007

Hand Made Treasures

We received hand made cards from all the Brownies who came to visit last week. A basket of home made breads and the cards complete with drawings by the girls - it brought me to tears! It was so special seeing their art - I would prefer to post each and every piece, but time and space prevent that - each card showed something different - the horse, sheep, lambs, etc. Some of the cards had little windows that opened up to show animals inside the barn - I will cherish these. We will display them somehow, as our first official art/animal encounter here on the farm. If any of the girls are reading, please knw each card is special to me, each one is unique. Recieving art from children is a precious gift - thank you.

And this is a good segway to remind all of you to enter the raffles! I've extended it one week since my schedule is so hectic next week - so get to the raffle pages which are listed in the sidebar.

It's Friday, that means it's pizza nite. It's 70 degrees. I painted well all week. So it time to work a little this weekend with Sky, work in the garden and just enjoy the first days of warmth.


Linda O'Neill said...

How sweet of those precious Brownie girls...that's an adorable drawing. Looking forward to seeing more of them. They just make ya feel good.

Debbie Schramer said...

children are the greatest artists, aren't they? how sweet to hear from all the children who came to visit you. they truely lift people's spirits to a happier, more joyouse place. you have so many wonderful things going on in your life, Katherine!!!

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