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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dreams Coming True, and Some Pie

If you read this blog on any regular basis, you will know I am inspired greatly by all my animals, perhaps none more than the little donkey named Pino Blangiforti.

So, it is with great pleasure I announce [braying in background]....Donkey Dreams.
Donkey Dreams will involve both artist led workshops, but also the outreach program of "Pino's Pies". It is a part of Apifera Farm that will combine my love of animals and my visions as artist and dreamer...and pie maker. Please visit the brand new separate Donkey Dreams blog and bookmark it, and encourage others to visit there to.

"Pino's Pies" will encourage people of all ages and backgrounds around the world to bake a home made pie and give it to a chosen recipient - all to demonstrate the simple joy of giving of oneself, reaching out, and making another person happy in a simple way. Pino's Pies when I baked a pie and hand delivered it to a nearby neighbor with my little donkey at my side, and it brought such a heartwarming reaction for all that it has been in my mind ever since how to expand on the idea. So, call me nuts, but Pino and I are expanding. I want Pino's Pies to reach more people by investing in a trailer to take Pino and our pies even farther, to nursing homes and other people who might feel cheer from a little donkey and a little pie, free of charge. This will take time, to save money for the trailer and get the right permissions from the right people. But I have set up a separate blog called "Donkey Dreams", that will devote itself to our new venture. It will include ways you can become a pino Pie ambassadorand spread love through one simple pie delivery.

The Donkey Dreams art workshops will involve drawing animals, teaching respect for animals and promoting the healing effects of animals all the while making art of some medium - including writing and poetry. Workshops will be led by me, and/or visiting artists, and will be held on the farm or sometimes nearby venues.

Again, the Donkey Dream blog will focus on developments.

My hope is that not only will the workshops be fun and teach, they will help me and Pino carry on as pie ambassadors.


Anonymous said...

Great Ideas!


Pam Aries said...

What a fabulous idea! .I LOVE pie! More than cake anyday! I'm not much of a baker , but I might try! You are such a cool gal! I love all your art and animals and stories and everything! haa!!

Linda O'Neill said...

That's a fantastic idea, Katherine. I just wish I had a donkey to accompany me at pie delivery time!

Sally Veganini said...

Good for you and Pino!
I'm sure you will spread a lot of joy around :D
Who's heart wouldn't swell wide, on sight of a pie delivering donkey named Pino!? Even those that weren't eating the lovely freight...
This spread the pie idea, is fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea and just visited donkey-dreams. I love to bake and have never made a pie for someone just, well, because. Lovely idea. I might take my pug with me, since I don't have a donkey.

Anonymous said...

Dangit, Katherine! This is my hero!

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