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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Morning Has Broken

Every morning when I go out to do barn feedings and chores, the donkeys are usually lying in their morning repose...waiting to hear the gate open, or Huck bark in the backyard. These signals set the barn's occupants into their morning routine - the donkey brays that makes the rooster crow as the chickens get let out that makes the Pygmy rise up and then the goats are out and then the papa rams are out and then the ewes start baa-ing which makes the horse come in as the farm girl walks to the barn while the cats follow along...Each morning I find the donkeys in some form of morning relaxation, in the most charming poses, and I have yet to capture any on film. These pictures from this morning don't do their morning repose justice, but I will try to do better, if only for myself.

I am a hopeless homebody. I love being home, working on projects while the animals are all around, and Martyn is puttering on one of many farm chores. As I write he is in the kitchen making pickles from the plethora of cucs we have in the garden. Pino's Pies brings such joy, that I thought for Paco's sake we can have a label "Paco's Pickles"just for him. So that would be a 'plethora of Paco's pickles'...

So, the air is cool, and I will finally finish boxing up the remaining lavender bundles in the barn; prune back the cat mint, go for a ride perhaps, putz around awhile, taste Martyn's pickles...er...Paco's pickles - all in the magic acreage that two human hearts are intertwined in. There is much to be done, but today I will work at whatever pace I am propelled internally to.


pangolin said...

What a treat, finding your blog via Keri Smith... i shall be smiling for whats left of my day :-)

Abby Creek Art said...

So Paco picked a plethora of pickles!? :)

Those donkeys are adorable. It must make you feel so good just being around them.

Amy C Evans said...

I love that Paco has pickles! And please tell Pino that he has a beautiful voice ;)

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