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Monday, August 10, 2009

The lonely daisy

In which a little daisy has hope, but then despair.

Once upon a time there was a little daisy.

She lived all alone and was very lonely. "I wish someone would be my friend," she said to herself.

One day, a little donkey stopped by.
"Hello, my name is Lucia. Will you be my friend?"
"Oh yes! I need a friend, Lucia."

A little goat walked by.
"Friend? I was thinking how wonderful you would be for breakfast."
Lucia cried. So did the daisy.

The end.


Mrs Button said...

hi - found you via Preya's blog. I love your illustrations - so dreamy- and your new book sounds like it's going to be one for my shelf :o)

Mrs Button said...

ooooooh it's me again. sorry to pester you but I've had a look around your other website and just had to pop back and say how gorgeous your work is. I love your paintings and illustration. do u ever exhibit in the UK? I'd love to know more about how long u've been painting and illustrating and where u studied etc. your work is so inspiring . Thank you

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Geeze, I love the name Mrs. Button. That would be a good donkey name....
Thanks for the nice comments. I would LOVE to do things in UK. But have not as far as shows. I've been told my work is very European in feel, maybe more so my children's illustrations. I guess it's all the wonderful books my parents bought me as a child.I've always loved Roger la Borde cards too. SO maybe someday, Mrs. Button!

farmlady said...

Oh...., I just love Lucia. She's so beautiful. I need to come visit some time when I come to Oregon.

Frances said...

Love it!! Hope Lucia has perked up :)

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