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Friday, August 21, 2009

Morning with Boone

Boone and I needed some quality time together, woman and horse. We headed out to the nearby farm that is generous enough to let me use their round pen and riding arena.

Once their, we did some ground work to work out some of Boone's vim and vinegar. He had some of it this morning, for sure!

Then we head over to the arena, where the view is greatly appreciated.

And I can enjoy all the things I love about Boone, like his mane blowing.

After some good cantering and lead changes, we head on back to the farm...
and Pino welcomes us home.


Tai said...

Framed between a horse's ears, the world looks even more beautiful.

Floridagirl said...

Pino looks so tiny and lonely!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Tai- yes, yes, yes! I get such a high looking at boone's ears, why I don't know, but i know this is sort of a natural occurance with horse people. Besides smashing my nose into his neck to smell him, ear highs are #1.

Hey Florida Girl - don't let that little body decieve you, he has his many tree friends - and the picture doesn't show the two other little bodies near by - but they do have that look about them!

Paula In Pinetop said...

Oh this looks like the perfect day. I've never been on a horse.....but this looks just wonderful.

Glad to see Pino off in the distance. That little sweetie.

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