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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Nose of the beloved

I drown in the beauty of his brown nose, a deep brown it is, often with dew like gloss on the top.
It never fails to give me pause. It is almost sqaure in structure, with lips below curved showing contentment that I am once again gazing on him and his most fabulous nose.


Mare said...

Truly Beautiful...

Divine Oblivia said...

What a nose! I concur.

I miss being awakened by my doggie-noses. And those EYES! You are rich.

Delisa said...

Hi Katherine, he is so beautiful! I know what you mean there is just something about a good dog's nose that is indescribably wonderful. My Barkley's nose is so dear and expressive. I love to sit outside with him and watch his nose quiver as he takes in a million different scents at one time. Sometimes I just close my eyes and inhale and try to imagine what he is sensing and try to tune in to my own sense of smell. Dogs are always reminding us to slow down, smell the moment and for goodness sakes, "Play a little or a lot, play until you need a glass of water and play until your out of breath!" :) Delisa

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