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Friday, May 27, 2011

Awaiting the rose

The barn waits patiently as does the cat. The rose is in no hurry either. It is only my species that wants to rush nature along to a preconceived place of what things should look like here in the Northwest as May comes to an end.

Have you ever heard a worm ask, "When is this rain going to end?" Doubtful. Most of you have not taken time to talk to a worm. Admit it. Every morning I save the drowning worms out of the water buckets by the barn, tossing them into the dirt and compost to thrive. Of course moments later a chicken will come along and eat one or two.

"Thank you for rinsing the worms for me," Chicken Named Dog says, "I prefer them without grit."

I can't be above nature. I have to be like the barn and go about my daily chores of nurturing with my soul and when the roses do bloom, I'll stand in front of them, amazed, and declare,

"My God, you've returned to me."


turquoise cro said...

I must admit, I hate to see a smashed worm!! I saw one the day before yesterday at a house my daughter was thinking of buying and I could feel my insides cringe and wonder how it got crushed like that!! We have big juicy worms on our little hill!! Is that Itty Bitty Etta? I'm afraid I don't know all your cats! How many do YOU have?!!She is a cutiepie!whoever she is!! hehe ps. I LOVE roses!!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

This is actually Mr. Plum, one of the original litters born to Mama Kitty the first year we lived here, which akes him 7 already. He lives on the porch with brother Little Orange, Mama Kitty and BW.

Sharon Stanley said...

so true....and by the way, that is one pretty kitty...i love an orange kitty.

LR said...

i do love a good conversation. thank you for your incredible imagination.

turquoise cro said...

LOL Sorry about that Mr. Plum but YOU are a CutiePie!! YOU look soOOOOo content!

farmlady said...

... and the earth just smiled and said "Impatient humans..."

Delisa said...

So true Katherine. Sometimes I am in awe when I look at all the life around me, each plant, and creature with it's own sense of time, living out their natural cycles, all different yet interacting and entwined. It really is beautiful when you think about it! Delisa :)

Lisa Kaser said...

Wonderful musings as usual. Rescuing worms in Oregon is a serious pastime. Beautifully written and great food for thought.

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