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Friday, July 22, 2011

Smiling pig

She speaks. I shan't mention what she said, it was directed to me personally.

Rosie is fitting in very well, surprisingly well. She awakens and eats breakfast, privately, so there is no need for her to rush. Then she attends to bathroom duties outside in her natural Rosie Ladies Room in the lower barnyard. She returns to her stall to receive her morning oil massage and eye clean up. Then she snorts around with Stevie in the pumpkin patch - note, we won't have a very good pumpkin harvest this year. She naps precisely on the quarter hour, every hour. And one thing I know for sure even after only 4 days....you do not want to wake Rosie up from a nap.

If Rosie looks a bit hairless to you, she is in her shedded out stage. I am new to pigs too so had to ask. She needs to have oil massages to help her dry skin, which can also burn so I'll be headed out for more sunscreen today.

I am raising some money to send to Sanctuary One with different gift levels. Feel free to contact me if you prefer to send a check.

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Leslie said...

So she's a grumpy waker-upper? I know the feeling...
Actually she looked a bit hairy to me, not hairless, but I know next to nothing about piggies.
I like her black eye patches. She reminds me of the dog in the Little Rascals.

Megan said...

She has a great smile! I have a soft spot for pigs. My nickname was piglet when I was little (for the Winnie The Pooh character, not because I was chubby) and so I have oodles of pig items of all sorts. I have always wanted a real pig of my own. It's still on my "some day list".
One question: What do you use for sunscreen for a pig? I've wondered that before but never had anyone to ask until now. Thanks. :)

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Leslie, lol, we can all relate, right? She likes her bed to be HER bed. They warned about this, which is probably very pig like- since she never soils it. Noone goes in Rosie's bed! Megan, I was told just use regular human suncreen. She appears to like shade in heat, so this is good. I'm excited to see her with hair again! In fall I guess.

MSchaefer said...

My family and I have been regular volunteers at Sanctuary One for almost two years. Stevie and Rosie (as well as the other animals) are very special to us. We can't think of a better place for them to be. They have found their true home. Thank you for loving them.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

How wonderful you get to volunteer there- they are an inspiration and I'm glad I discovered them. I joked with Sansa that I hated to take them from the beautiful scenery, but I really love them. Rosie has rolled one her side twice for me, an honor! and Stevie really givves kisses, it's amazing how much heart that guy has.

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