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Friday, September 09, 2011

Introducing: "Healing Creatures"

I hope you will visit my "Healing Creatures", an ongoing journey from grief to expanding wings, all with the help of the felted souls birthed in my studio.

The real animals walking around Apifera merge into me and reincarnate themselves in my art. They have strong voices, voices I hear all the time in my head, whether I'm with them or not. My God, they are wise, and entertaining, even in two dimensional form of a drawing.

But like a child cutting figures out of a magazine and trying to make them into paper dolls that can walk, I yearned for my creatures to climb out of the paper and become an entity I could touch, groom and hold.

A beautiful stray cat arrived on my farm three years ago and I set out to pay him homage in a drawing. But I kept seeing my father's face in the cat who had died shortly before. The cat became my father and my father became a felted cat. Soon mice began talking to me.

And then the healing began.


Carole Reid said...

He'll always be near you to hear your heart. Glad the healing came/comes to you.

Anonymous said...

oh my...
oh my oh my...
this is the most adorable,
sweet and tender story book
i have ever...been blessed
to read...thank you dearest
for this...i love it..the story,
the emotion, the felted friends,
you are my very favorite spirit
out here in this vast cyberspace...
love, kisses and a very warm hug
to enfold your sweetness my dear
xoxo EdenClare

Anonymous said...

ps...i have just linked healing creatures to my blog...so any time i need i can visit at any hour..on any given day...you are such an inspiration to me...dear soul...xoxo EdenClare

Delisa said...

Hi Katherine, your little felted healing creature in the pink bed jacket is so endearing, fragile, yet lovely, strong and enduring. I just love her.

I can understand why the cat would remind you of your father. I once had a dear 85 year old neighbor who passed away. He was a very dear, funny and mischievious friend. A few years later my husband and I moved into a new house and our neighbors cat adopted us and decided to live at our house. There was something in his way and his snaggle-tooth smile that reminded me so much of my elderly friend, and he brought joy to my heart each day.

I hope that you get some good news soon with all your various endeavors. It unsettles me too when I get a rejection notice, but like my husband says, you wouldn't have even got a rejection notice if you hadn't tried to put something out into the world! Anyway you look at it, it is a step forward! Trying and never giving up is what makes you such a champion in my book! Have a lovely evening ahead... Delisa :)

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