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Monday, May 07, 2012

Tending the graves

When I was young and I first saw the graves at Arlington where my great uncles is buried, I was taken in by the sea of white crosses. I'm not a religious person so never put crosses on any of the graves here relying instead on simple stone markers.

But white sea of Arlington markers kept coming to me, over and over, so I set out to make some for my old goat soldiers. There they are when I walk to the barn each morning, reminding me that none of my old friends are suffering and all are home, safe with the underworld of worms that feed the dirt to grow the soon to be pumpkins.


Candace said...

Bittersweet...but the kitty lying there is pretty silly.

Candace said...

Bittersweet...but the kitty lying there is a silly touch.

TM said...

I think the kitty lying there is nice actually. It symbolises life and death, and the fact that life goes on amidst the grief.

Just wanted to add that one of the Captcha words was "orrecat" lol

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