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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Raise a hoof to the Dirt Farmer

The place would fall down without him - or at least fall down much faster. He was born 54 years ago yesterday. I was almost one, living far away from him. I'm glad he learned how to use a hammer early on and had the genetic make-up to live with a sensitive artist type. He's my best friend and ally.

This is a man that never wanted a cat in the house and now lives with several on his pillow at night. He cooks up the best meal on any night from his curry cauliflower, Moroccan lamb stew, yogurt dilled eggplant...and the best egg dishes ever. He indulges me by bringing me my wine at night and listening to my woes, dreams and more. He makes me laugh - all the time.

I like all these pics, but the last one is what I see when I look around the farm - a humble man that works hard, is happy and lets me follow my dreams too, in ways I couldn't do as well without him. He has a style of his own which is demonstrated in these photos. When I say, "Hey, can you put this apron on so I can take a picture of it for the maker?" [fabric designer Amy Schimler gifted it to me and Pino for our Pie Day] this is a man that does it with a smile...he was holding a carrot for some reason, which always makes me laugh.

We are watching his parents age, not so gracefully but they do their best, and my mother is 87 living alone after my father died 5 years ago. I often look at him when we are out working and think of all our hard work here and how much we've done to an old dilapidated farm, all our laughs over broken fencing, goat escapes, cow intrusions,flooding, ladder mishaps, rooster wars, first births and slaughters, digging graves - and how could I forget - planting 4,000 lavender plants and weeding them. I hope when I'm old I never forget the nuances of our life together.

And I still like the way he fills out those jeans, ladies!

We had a simple meal of fresh carrot soup and homemade bread, so hearty and simple just like our life here. Raise a toast, hoof or tip your hat - to The Dirt Farmer!


Mary A said...

I toast the dirt farmer! America was built on the back of people like him. I know you know how lucky you are, Katherine. Happy birthday, dirt farmer. Mary A

Ellen Bateman Bulterman said...

That is absolutely the sweetest tribute to The Dirt Farmer. He sounds wonderfully special.

Carole Reid said...

To the Dirt Farmer! Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

Jan said...

Good man, that. Happy Birthday.

Ruth Armitage said...

Happy Birthday Martyn! And many happy returns of the day :)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

This just sorta made my whole day better. You are both such great caretakers of the earth and all she gives.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks everyone, for the kind thoughts. The Dirt Farmer had a lovely birthday, albeit he was a tish hung over from earth's bounty of Oregon Pinot.

Patrice said...

Has he got a brother...? Send him south!

You have made him sound like the best and most loved man... Happy Birthday to a man who can keep a woman happy - a rare feat indeed...

Mrs. Cotton said...

Wonderful! Our men folk are so important.... mine is at home depot right now getting ready to frame out a new stall.... Happy Birthday! (Pisces are pretty cool people ;)

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks, Mrs. Bartos....I love going to Lowes with Martyn...loved going with my dad, love getting building stuff. And yes, Picses are cool- disclaimer, I'm one too!

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