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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Oceans, and....

The flash of a distant camera
thoughts and actions,
Fragments of our missing dreams,
Pieces from here and there
fall in place along the line,
Disappearing between you and me.

Life is changing everywhere I go,
New things and old both disappear.
If life is a photograph,
Fading in the mirror....

All I want is a song of love
{Neil Young}

We took time to visit the Pemequid Lighthouse area only about twenty minutes away. It was the first time we had ventured to the more open coastline since arriving, and it felt so important to see her...the ocean.

I have been to the Atlantic many times, and then I was blessed to live an hour from the Pacific while in Oregon. We didn't get there that much due to our farm responsibilities, but we got there enough to feel her. I needed to see her again, her eastern side. Both sides of the ocean are beautiful. I like the rocky coastline here, it somehow fits the stage I am in in my life. The ledge stone is so beautiful, and when you experience in the real you understand why they call it 'ledge' stone, as it makes large steps and tables to step and sit on.

The ocean reminded me of the constant change we all go through, sometimes at rapid speed. She was very calm yesterday, but we witnessed her waves crashing down on and over the ledge. Years later, where the waves hit will have smoothed a nice spot to sit.

The lighthouse was commissioned by John Quincy Adams. The history in every building here is so...mind boggling. While many buildings in the West have rotted [in the northwest that is] here they stand to remind us of lives that came before us. We came across the country, in what would be considered a luxury travel unit, and they came in ships across the sea, losing family and friends, or leaving them behind for good. We are surrounded everywhere by old cemeteries. We stopped at one near the bay. Some of the bodies there were from the late 1700's. Just think, many of them weren't alive when our house here was built. I have yet to sink my head into the history that is all around me. But I will.

When we got home, I felt like a ride. Boone and I are searching for safe rides, since the forest could have nearby hunters. I took him for a quick fifteen minute spin, to see the nearby view of the bay, and ride up and down the gravel road.