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Friday, December 09, 2016

The healing and healers are settling in

The newly arrived residents of the Healing Cat Cottage are settling into their new routine. Like most elder cats, they enjoy long naps, a good dish of food, some sun streaming in the windows with views out into the trees. We have room for more and I have my eyes open, but for now, I am doing communings with the cats, reassuring them by strokes that they are in a safe spot.

Tigger is opening up. He is 16 and his owner had to go into a home. Heartbreak of a story heard over and over. Tig is independent, allowing the other cats to sit near him, but he seems to be more of a solo guy. He has started to get up when I come into the room, a good sign. He likes to be petted, but when he is finished, he lets you know, not in an aggressive way, just by saying in body language,

I am finished now, please let me be.

People have asked what they can donate to the Healing Cat Room. One kind person sent a brand new crate, since I had to leave mine behind in the move as I had so many. I will have needs for sure, but for now, money is really appreciated as a gift, if you so choose and you can do it at the Cat Room page.

Here are the other things that will be happening to make the Healing Cat Cottage a place of respite for all:

- A large rug to cover some of the wood floor, for ambiance for visitors, and sound barrier
- I will be making a mural, with trees and birds
- I have some bird houses too that I will hang in the mural
- I want to find a small table, something old and suitable for drawing and reading days
- Martyn has made some wood cubbies which they love, and shelves for access to windows.
- I purchased a deep basket, cats love them [I left so many behind!} and will get more as I can
- I bought some seed bag material and will be making cushions for the cats.
- In time I'd like a cool old chair for guests, and long antique benches
- I need to make some toys for them
- A basket of brushes for guests to groom cats [those who tolerate it]
- Martyn will make some shelves for reading books