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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Meet the six new tiny Apiferians!

I was minding my own business....and someone we have met recently contacted me to see if I might be able to take on some birds. It seems her friend was suddenly made homeless due to an entire serious of events, and had to give up his birds. She explained they came with their own vintage inspired cage.

I immediately researched Zebra Finches and sort of fell in love with the idea right away. And since I had left my old farm last May and had to rehome my flock and a few other animals that could not come with us, I know the feeling he might have had.

So yesterday our friend took us to his home he must leave-a very old 1870 manor house where his mother lived until her death at age 87. The house was empty now and he showed us around-what a place. I wish I could have bought it and given it back to him. Anyway, when I saw the bird cage, I swooned. It was custom made by a bird lover, and it shows, even having little bird houses in it.

So I gladly took their wings under my wing. They now reside in our living room, and when we sat down last night for our evening cocktail and conversation, they were right there partaking. They are fascinating to engage with. There are five males and a non breeding female and they do not like loud abrupt noises-sirens, shouts, loud trucks. Last night we were talking about some current news, and my voice grew a bit agitated, and they all started chattering! I apologized. So today, I have classical music on for them instead of NPR. Last night they slept soundly and were up with the daylight-perfect farmers.

I am so pleased to have them, and I just hope their former caretaker finds a place to land soon.


Terra said...

I can tell your new bird friends are a good influence on you, keeping you calm :) What a fabulous cage and I hope their previous owner finds a gentle place to land soon.

Cynthia Valero said...

Fabulous about the birds. Sad about his house.

Sharon Stanley said...

they are just the best! i'm excited for you and bet you will love interacting with them. serendipitous!

Jeanne-Sylvie said...

I am happy for you and for them, theses little guys have found the perfect place.I cross my fingers for their previous owner.

Jacquie said...

They live forever! Just saying. Don't ever be tempted to introduce a female. You will be inundated in baby birds. They will pour forth. Worse than bunnies and kittens. On the other hand, put a sheet over them at night and they will quiet down. Life the sheet in the morning and they will sung sweetly all day. They live baths. Just put a dish of water at the bottom of the cage and stand back!

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