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Friday, June 02, 2017

Mysteries of the painting

I'll be putting up originals all this coming week at the shop. June is usually not my 'in the zone time' for painting, but I've been working on some new pieces, such as the one at top here which is still in progress. I've painted over it several times. I used to have a woman in many of my pieces back when I started painting. I was thinking it is similar to being of a certain age where one might be propelled to take more selfie photos-maybe to figure out what we look like, maybe to show off that we feel good about what we see, or to help grapple with our identities we project inward or outward.

So it was interesting to have a female figure keep coming in this one. Who knows if she'll stick around.

The little donkey piece was done when I was in Oregon, before we knew we were moving. I was sort of awed today looking at it. Now you know I have a big imagination, but this piece just seems like Maine to me-a deep sky, the stars are very much in the forefront of the night, and the little paddock is intimate. This si not usual-to have a painting know deep facts and upcoming things before my conscious catches on.

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