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Sunday, December 05, 2021

New painting

 I had a nice day in the studio and was pleased with this new piece. It is now on the shop. It is called "Tomorrows Were Once Todays"

Visit the shop to learn more about this piece >


Carol Kitchell said...

I looked at your painting in the shop and saw what you wrote about it. Using the past tense in the title of the painting requires the mind to do a double loop, so to speak. It made me think of languages, like Navajo, that have no tenses. The goose and the donkey are iconic figures that reappear in your art. For me, the atmosphere of the painting seems to speak to the uncertainty and maybe upheaval in the world. I'm in a season of feeling very unmoored in my life, so I see myself in the woman. Or, at least, I'm choosing to see her that way. The goose is otherworldly - I often see your geese as messengers, bringers of light or wisdom. The geese I've known were generally pretty excitable, but yours, even though they're often "fluttery," seem like a stabilizing presence. And the donkey! So steady, so solid, so much a companion. I can feel his coat and smell him as I press against him. There he is in his quiet blueness holding me up. Anyhow, that's my 2 cents!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I love that you took time to think about this piece. I agree the Goose for me is a psirit animal and one that not only protects but alerts me to good things too, I think, like 'look up at the sky!"...definitely an unmoured time for so many right now.I don't plan the pieces, or the titles so what comes out is raw and authentic to that moment. The Goose just keeps coming back, even when I start by drawing a goat or something, there comes The Goose, so I pay attention!

Carol Kitchell said...

I love hearing about other artists' processes!

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