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Friday, March 04, 2022

One year with Buddy

It's the birthday of one of the biggest clowns on the farm, Buddy. He is one year old. The picture above was on the day he arrived, a quiet and somber little chap, but not fearful. Bear was more of 'hold me and don't let go' pup on arrival.

After Muddy died of bone cancer, we brought home a pup, Bear, and we watched him run around pretending The Goose was his dog friend. Bear played every day with Mister Bubbles, his large equine rubber ball. He loves Mister Bubbles to this day, proudly displaying it in his mouth at a fast trot.

Out West, we always had the two chocolates, Huck and Muddy. When Huck died, Muddy was getting older and he had our old pug, Hughie [still miss that guy to pieces, both of them]. But with Bear, it felt like we needed to not wait to get him a friend. The pandemic had hit, and Bear had a wonderful 3 months at Cove's sharing himself with elders. Once Covid hit, our outings were gone overnight, as was socializing him. I decided, what is the point in waiting to get another pup, we aren't getting any younger [we had waited five years the time before, so one dog would be mature when the pup came].  

Well, on came Buddy. He was much more independent than Bear, still is. Bear still feels more like my dog, and he still wants to be with me if I'm petting Buddy. But he has matured a lot and is now two+. In time, who knows, he might do elder visits again.

Having two younger dogs at once is a switch, especially labs, and with the four inside cats, a lot of bing bought bing boom. Everyone gets along but there are moments when I am clearly living in  a Booth cartoon [showing my age again].

There is just something nice about two chocolates.

We love you little Buddy, you are a good friend to Bear...and Franklin Muffinpants.