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Wednesday, November 08, 2023

My bunny died

My bunny died. 

I had been hospicing her for almost two days. I thought she would release last night but on arrival this morning she was still alive but near the end. Last night I awoke around three thinking of her and took it as she had died. Now in the this morning and got her back on her blanket. She reached a paw up and turned and looked (but I knew she was blind these past days). Then she resumed her deep state and was gone in a short time. 

I’m grateful I got there so she could feel my presence. 

She was my studio/ office mate since 2017. I was at the shelter picking up two elder cats and there she was. Someone found her on a lawn. She was friendly and sweet. I always worried a child might be missing her but she came to live with me. I would bring her out in the morning and she’d hop around and then settle under my feet. 

I loved her. And I will miss her. It was dreary and rainy so I left her in her blanket for a day. Right now she just looks like my sweet little bunny asleep on her blanket. I named her Isabelle Noir but she will always be my Bunny.