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"White Dog" an illustrated memoir

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Told in the voice of White Dog, who goes on  a journey to find himself and where he belongs, helped by Bald Spot the squirell and The Crow. Illustrated with a gallery of photos of White Dog's world. A small intimate book of 4.25", something to carry about and hold in your hand.

{An excerpt} "I was born on the man’s farm. I don’t know where my father was, but my mother reared all seven of us pups. I can remember her smell, and what it felt like to be with my siblings in a pile after she fed us. I remember running, and falling, and getting up and running. I have broken visions, images in my head, of my siblings being picked up by people and held in their arms, and then they would drive off in a car and never come back. Until one day there was only me, and my mother. I always stayed with my mother. I was still a pup when the man let my mother take me down to the field with the sheep. She did her job, sitting on a perch watching, waiting for unusual sounds. She was stern with me. If I tried to play with a lamb, I was butted by her head. I learned quickly sheep were not to be chased, my mother told me this, and so did the mother ewes. I remember my mother’s eyes. I remember she seemed in charge. I felt safe. I also remember the day the man moved me away from my mother. She and I could converse through fences, and we still could smell each other, see each other, hear each other but it was always through a fence. I took to lying against the fence at night if she was there, our fur and backs touching each other. But in time, I became more independent, and soon I became the dog the man took to the sheep field, while my mother stayed near the barn, laying about, but also looking after elder ewes."



"Little Tulip" {It Will Be Okay} is a book of comfort.

A hard cover, 58 pages, fully illustrated, lovely art on inside covers. The story shows us some simple things-tulips always rise after winter, elders do not want people detracting from their lives as they age, little dogs grow old as do their people but they still have love and companionship to give and receive.

And of course if you like dachshunds it is bonus points for you.

Limited quantities. I usually print in large quantities, but opted to make a smaller print run for this little gem.

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"Itty Bitty & Big Etta" {A Tale of Acceptance} is a 48 page illustrated hard cover book inspired by real events at Apifera Farm. It is a reminder that we must let any creature in our life be true to its core, even if the consequences can be unsettling. It's a story of loss but acceptance, and the fact that we are not in charge all the time, especially of another creature's individual will.

The book is a tiny gem, 4.5 x 6" and has a quiet, poetic feel to it.

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    Full color, hard cover, 120 pages, off set printing.

    After moving West initially propelled in heartbreak, the author is snug as a bug in her little vintage bungalow, blind terrier and gassy pug at her side, content that this is her life for her remaining adult years. But then comes a knock on her door.

    Her quiet little life, in which she'd tucked away an old dream or two, evolves and expands as she never imagined-or did she?. Old barns speak, donkeys arrive by magical circumstances and pies are baked and shared.

    A love story and memoir where baking pie helped a hurt heart but also was a conduit of sharing friendship. Includes Apifera's favorite pie recipes, written with engaging tips, like "dab cinnamon on your cheeks to attract butterflies, this will make the crust tender". Combines art and photography with calming words and inspires wing growth of all creatures. A beautiful gift book. Children and adults will enjoy making the pie recipes together.

    This book will inspire anyone that has lost hope in their dream, or lost at love or those that have begun to think of their dream as "just not meant to be in this lifetime"

    It will make you feel like you can grow wings.

    And you might begin floating too.

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    An illustrated journey of one woman as she grapples with the death of her father. At her side were the Misfits she had adopted into her small farm's barnyard–a grumpy pig, and old donkey, handicapped goats and one very special elderly goat named Old Man Guinnias.

    As she cared or hospiced these creatures, she was able to have her own internal conversations with each–helping her understand their journey better, but also that of her father, and herself.

    A beautiful, quiet book for anyone who has lost a loved one or parent, or who appreciates the healing power of nature and animals.

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    With over 65 art images/photos, 120 pages printed traditionally by offset with hard cover.

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    This is a book to inspire and engage the reader and urge them to open their eyes and hearts to their own stories - all around them. While Katherine's stage is obviously Apifera Farm, the book will leave people looking at the simple things in their lives that might promote an illustration, piece of art or story - from the food in the fridge to the shoes in the closet. When you finish the book, you'll look at your home and surroundings as a huge library of material - always there to give you fresh stories and things to draw and paint. She also has an exercise that helps express feelings and emotions - art as a cathartic guide, in other words.

    Categorized as a 'how-to" book, the author always felt it was more of an inspirational book. There are tips and ideas about the artist's working process, including a brief glimpse as to how she creates layered images with a scanner for her illustration work - but the book is much more about heart, than hand. Teachers have written Katherine detailing how all ages have been inspired by the book. Perfect for the new artist who might need a push to draw, or the artist that feels in a rut. A wonderful gift to for animal and nature lover. Beautifully printed with an enclosed spiral binding so you can lay it flat on a work table.

    With 200+ images of her full color illustrations and sketches, and other surprises, it is a great addition to the artist's book shelf, as well as a great gift book. Lots of little surprises too. 144 pages of inspirations, tips for fighting creative block, and places to find subjects for a story.

    If you want to draw like Leonardo da Vinci, this book is not for you. If you get mad when someone draws outside the lines, this book probably isn't for you either.

    Rest assured that each page is full of Katherine's art and personality. Here is a peek of some spreads.

    Recent testimonials:

    "I would like to express to you great appreciation for the creativity you have afforded me. I purchased "Creative Illustration Workshop" and you alone validated my view of the world and brought me back to free form creativity. I am a fiber artist and have never been comfortable with my style of "fine art". You have sparked new interest that I seemed to have lost when I entered the BFA program...some 40 years ago. Thank you so very much for your inspiration." Sara S.

    "I've been struggling a pretty mean depression for a very long time now. but i think i have the upper hand now. I could not paint for a long time. Made some attempts, but the results were not very satisfying. I came across your book by chance, while I was browsing some art books. And I am so glad I bought it. Your approach was so similar to mine-I think, I mean your approach to painting, making up stories, layering etc. I am not half as productive as you though, nor have I so much experience. But your book made me take my brush in my hands again. Thank you so much! You gave me inspiration and motivation."
    Sevi, Brussels.

    "Thank you for writing Creative Illustration Workshop. An artist friend of mine gave it to me not too long ago and it greatly inspired me to reconnect with my childhood passion. . . art. Thank you." Laura L.