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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Cats and books, cats and books

The new Itty Bitty & Big Etta books are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, pending good weather for delivery!

I am always nervous to get new books. No matter how many times I check and recheck for errors, there is usually something I am not happy with. I seem to learn new techniques and tips with each book though. So, fingers crossed for this little gem to arrive safely.

I imagine it will also bring up some buried emotion I have about Itty herself. I really do miss her and still have sadness that she is not with us. But every time I hear a car go by on the very close busy road, every time I come in the house and know Itty would have been right there ready to sneak out, I know what happened was probably for the best, because she would have been unhappy inside 24/7. Big Tony on the other hand, happy as a clam.

When I get those feelings, I focus on what is here...now...the animals that are in my charge need me, and are beautiful creatures too. There will never be another Itty, or another "insert name of any Misfit of the past, but there are many Misfits to come.

And the current elders living in the Elder Cat Suite are bringing me lots of happiness. I have much to do in the to make it extra healing for cats and visitors–although the current perches seem to be very acceptable to the cats. There is plenty of room for more residents, but there is no need to rush. The right cats in need will present themselves. I still need to paint the murals, find an area rug that is durable, and find a farm table for guests. Money is always tight, so we will make do as we go along. I'm hoping by summer I can have some Elder Cat Suite .

So, with the new book's arrival, please note that any donation of $50 or more gets you a book. People have asked me to post a list of needs, but right now, money is really the best gift–for litter and food.