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Monday, June 26, 2017

Big news! Apifera to become a 501c!

I have been working towards this for a long time, and with the move to Maine our situation changed in certain ways that makes this big step a worthwhile endeavor.

Apifera Farm is becoming a 501c!

I have a lawyer preparing the documents, and spent time with an accountant this morning and liked him, we meet again Wednesday and I hope to hire him. There is a lot to understand and 'get right' and I feel we are on that path. Donations will be used for obvious essential-feed, hay, vet care, fencing- but will also help me with outreach programs I hope to begin such as bringing elders to Apifera for healing days with the animal and farm. The latter involves many things such as creating a safe level area for wheelchairs and people with walkers, a porta potty [the Puppet will be thrilled, I'm sure we'll be hearing from him] and a new road for easy turn about off the main road.

I have lots of ideas! But this is going to be a serious venture and will take a lot of marketing too.

Some have asked if they can donate now and get a tax write-off. That will happen on the date we officially incorporate which I think will happen within about 8 weeks.

HOWEVER, I welcome art/book/Etsy sales right now as this is all costing money to hire lawyers and accountants, but it is important work to get the foundation right. And you can donate, and I'm grateful if you do [no tax write of yet though, but there are reward levels]. Donations over $50 get a book, over $25 an Itty book.

Mission Statement:
A non-profit dedicated to bringing animals and elder/special needs people together for mutual healing and wellness. It will also provide a safe haven at its farm for elder/special needs animals [even if it is a hospice case] on a case by case basis.-

Here is my goal:

-Bringing animals and elder people together for beneficial healing and wellness

-Animals interacting with elders helps break down barriers, with a goal that the elders will share their stories. Allowing elders to share story makes them feel like someone cares to listen

-Apifera is currently visiting one specific elder residence twice monthly, developing intimate relationships over time with the seven residents. Opie the therapy goat is the regular, but Pino the donkey and other animal will be brought-it is also a goal to bring elder animals to the elder people for mutual healing

-Apifera will continue to adopt elder and special needs animals to live out their lives at the farm on a case by case basis. One of the needs in Maine is a larger donation pool, because everything here is more expensive: vet care, fencing/feed/ hay. we need a wider donation pool.

-Our goal is to also build some additional structures for more animals, but also to create an environment on the farm where elders can visit [so a need for full time satellite toilet, level foundations, sitting structure to allow wheelchairs and walkers] The garden will be incorporated into these visit areas for further beneficial healing for visitors.

-Apifera also wants to encourage elder people to share story. Animal visits promote calm in people and help break down barriers. Katherine hopes to write about these elders and get their stories out-promoting the idea that elders are as interesting and inspiring as any age

-Apifera also would like to work with special needs people-and hopefully bring special needs animals together in a beneficial healing encounter. For example, the blind pug with one eye working with blind people; the three legged crippled goat showing a child he can still be productive.