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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pino and Opie Smile Brigade

There were plenty of smiles yesterday at the summer event at Inn Along the Way. I think if that is all that we bring to people-a way to make them smile-well, we've done our job and succeeded at our mission.

It was a fun day of good conversations with many nice people. We both had a wonderful time and furthering conviction we are meant to be here in this place at this time in our life. While I hardly sold a thing, literally I sold one Bird Ball, it was really about getting out there and meeting people in our community {one must look at tit his way-in optimism}. People came to fly kites, view the proposed Inn and see animals- so it was all good.

Opie did great, he is a real charmer. He met babies, a dog, watched the fiddle players, met the big horses and got led around by many people. I think though I will keep his next visit shorter, 4.5 hours was a lot for him and he got a bit worn out I think. But he did just fine.

Pino...well, Pino is Pino. He got hugged, whispered to, drooled on by babies and got to venture into the barn to hear the fiddlers. {You can see a video of that at Instagram}.

I am worn out but in a very good way. I was glad to see people turn out for the Inn. The Inn Along the Way is a retirement village being built in stages on the old Chapman farm-a beautiful place with a huge, wonderful barn. There will be small homes [very modest and well done] for elders to live independently and have a 'community' feel to partake in with gardens and events. The barn will host events and there will also be hospice suites for caregivers to have respite. The Inn will become a cafe and a place for people at the community to gather, and for visitors to stop in and eat and share. The idea is to create a place that does not isolate elders as they age, but rather allows them to be in a community that feels like a real neighborhood.